Welcome to Raw Tibicos:  artisan-brewed, small batch, pro-biotic drink and totally delicious vegan and vegetarian food.   Don’t tell anyone —  it’s good for you —  they won’t believe it from the taste!

Our Mission to You

Our mission is to provide you with a gourmet experience that provides you with a balance of health and affordability as well as making new experiences seem as comforting as your favourite meal.


Looking for something delicious . . .  yet healthy; rich in flavour . . .  yet low-calorie; mixes well with food . . .  yet refreshing solo; sophisticated fermented taste . . . yet no alcohol?  Look no further, you have found . . . Raw Tibicos water kefir/ tibicos cultured drink!

Raw Tibicos creates delicious, healthy food that is rich in flavour yet surprisingly low calorie.  Look no further for the sophisticated fermented taste for which you’ve bee searching!

We make tibicos drink (aka water kefir), vegan and vegetarian soups, and complimentary snacks.  See our ingredient pages for more info!


You Will Be Full!

Introducing the first of our standard “grain” bowls: Chickpea fritters in a spicy tomato sauce, on a bed of sarrasin. Shown here, with a side of our home-made pickles (tibicos culture, of course!), and the optional nut topping. As always, a refreshing glass of tibicos drink; in this case, Hops, on the side. The high …

Where to Buy

DELIVERY is the way people get our food and drink —  this helps us keep our prices low!   $20 minimum, free delivery, your favourite vegan/vegetarian soups and pro-biotic drink!   Also in growlers and litres, for groups!

Call dispatch for delivery:  905-646-1110

At the Facility:  5% discount on all purchases at the Facility!    11 am – 6pm, Monday – Friday, 25 Keefer Road, St Catharines, ON. Look for the entrance on the back corner!

Stay in touch!   Get an email when new menus are posted, or new van delivery areas are added!