Intro: Visualize a Better Way

Thank you for all your support! The retail company is now closed, but Raw Tibicos has much more content to share in this blog, so please stay friends and check in for new posts . . .

Twenty-five years ago, when Raw Tibicos began working with healthier foods, one could easily make a big difference in a wide variety of diseases, with diet change. The challenges today are so much greater! When surfing YouTube or the many books written on the subject, there are so many diagnoses, but not as many remedies. Perhaps that is backwards? For most of us, finding a remedy is more important than knowing exactly the mechanism of failure . . .

Change right now is comparable to when the Middle Ages gave way to the Enlightenment, from an ancient world where “the word” created all that we see, touch and taste, to a materialistic world, where anything intangible is crazy-talk, and the material world runs like “a clock”.

Recently, modern science and thinkers have been pushing back on the materialistic world view of all of us as “meat puppets” living in a world dead to all but random interactions between atoms and electrons. Are they correct? Perhaps materialism – regardless of whether is is “correct” or not – is not ideal for our species – or the others who share the earth with us. A conversation about fundamental principles might be in order.

On the one side, science and thinkers, looking to solve questions that cannot be explained by materialist theory; and on the other, administrators and large corporations cling to the ideas of the last centuries – because of the substantial infrastructure that might be obsolete – if we change our world views. Soup&Kefir @RawTibicos makes our own products – just like major corporations, we have an infrastructure, licensing, and protocols based on the past – however we are also a (small, nimble, innovative) forward-looking company. Out of this conflict – installed base/new demands – come the words you are reading, and will read in future posts. Our goal is to walk together, unafraid, toward the dawn, to find our way among the choices, the road that leads to the best and brightest of the new days to come.

Let’s set the stage for the conversation with a quick memory of the recent past. In the early “naughties”, your author, Raw Tibicos, was renovating an old house – a long, thin house about 30’ wide and 100’ long. Copper was suddenly cheap, the old wooden structure wouldn’t support many roofing materials, and so the roof was redone in standing-seam copper. Was it gorgeous! It shone like a freshly washed penny, and must have been visible for miles out at sea, peaking through the trees like a diamond through lace. A pretty good facelift for the old place!

Only one problem: immediately after the roof was finished, the whole family got sick. As soon as that attack was over, another illness began, and then a third; the whole family had no health, no matter what we did. Additionally, while we were sick, every bloodsucking insect in the area converged on our house. Spiders, mosquitos, ticks, even ones without names; so many bloodsuckers converging on one family to feast on sick blood! As if being sick and drained of blood was not enough, our milk was going sour, almost as soon as it landed in the fridge! Not only the milk, the people, and the insects were affected; even the cats and dogs were down.

At the commencement of the third illness, your author took a break from the problems of the house, and sat outside, feeling slightly better in the clean outdoors air, when an idea hit like the proverbial thunderbolt! Raw Tibicos had been thinking about a new appreciation for the plagues in the Bible, idly looking at the bright copper and smartly shingled house, as handsome as any movie star, when as if from divine inspiration, “Copper is Conductive”. The house’s wonderful, competent, intelligent, electrician came the next day, grounded the roof on both sides of the house with a copper grounding pole. The whole family’s illnesses vanished in less than 24 hours; as did the biting insects. The milk had to be replaced – it didn’t turn sweet again – but the new milk stayed fresh.

Maybe this is an odd story to tell, when marketing vegetable soup/ sauce mixes and water kefir, but I think it illustrates the extremely odd times we live in. No modern expert would have diagnosed the source of the problem; it lay outside the range of current authorized specialties. The Middle Ages would have diagnosed some kind of demonic possession; science of the past few centuries would have diagnosed a lack of chemicals 😉 I didn’t need a diagnosis, anyway; only a solution. The Raw Tibicos family diet was already good – our healthy diet certainly didn’t prevent the illnesses, insects or sour milk – but I am 100% sure that the healthy food contributed to the spiritual strength to find the solution – shall we postulate that most people who eat well, would agree? In this case the process – including quality food – was part of the solution.

Many deep thinkers have noticed that the process creates the end result, regardless of the initial plan.

Imagine two chefs: both have the goals of excellent food that brings people back. The first chef, Pollyanna, believes that the process is the result, while the second, Putridana, believes that “the ends justify the means’. Cut-rate ingredients, treating workers badly, lots of fillers, artificial flavours and preservatives, as long as the motives of the actors are good. Meanwhile, for Pollyanna, efforts are made to use fresh, honestly grown ingredients, without fillers or colourants, and processing is treated with respect. Does anyone believe that after five, twenty, or one hundred years, Polyanna and Putridana will have the same outcomes, the same food?

If this seems true for chefs, how much more true for the very intimate relationship between food and our intestines?

Isn’t saying “Food is fuel”, about the same as saying, “The ends justify the means”? For most of our evolution, a spiritual relationship between food and soul has been recognized – the first step toward realizing a brighter future may be as small as what fits on your spoon!

Whether @RawTibicos helps improve your diet, your process, or your questioning around undefined problems; or improvement comes from elsewhere, widening the focus on food to include spirituality won’t hurt. As the story above illustrates, the results may take us in completely unexpected places!

This blog is a forum for exploring the deeper meaning of food. Some of the ideas may be too radical, some may be wrong. Hopefully it will always be thought and discussion provoking; the intention is together to improve our understanding of what it means to live our best lives. Information provided is for entertainment only, no medical or other professional advice is offered.