What Are People Saying?

I love this drink!  I drink it everyday after my runs and workouts.  It really resets my digestive system and leaves me feeling good and “bubbly”.  It is my go-to kombucha alternative!      


The food always leaves me feeling full but not stuffed — I still have plenty of energy to get things done!


The soups are hearty, wholesome and make you happy

Father William

I used to drink a lot of ginger ale, then fruit drinks and my share of local beer and wine.   But now Tibicos water kefir is becoming a healthy substitute, a favour I need to drink into myself and with each sip a renewed commitment to living well.

Gluten-Free & Happy

When eating at Raw Tibicos Fizz Kitchen, it’s a relief for me that I don’t have to worry about my children’s gluten allergy, and I get to relax being at a place my picky children enjoy and eat something nutritious.

Healthy Fast Food
Gluten-free hot soup and cold water kefir